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Gesangsstücke Teil2

Gesangsstücke Teil2
About this album:
weitere Gesangsaufnahmen..es ist ein bisschen mehr gewordenpeatric created by peatric on 06/26/2019

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Involved artists:
Don_T peatric Ernie440 Slimdaver The Duped YOj1k FrankieJ AnneCozean slin fanne Stef glennp Tu Major 3rd ERWAN

A pointer to other nice texts


Review by ERWAN on 06/27/2019

Beautiful album with a great sound It's difficult to follow everyone , so thanks for this excellent pointer to the other wikilooper's track . also happy to be part of the play list

Great Groove


Review by glennp on 06/27/2019

Nice collection of tunes. Each one has a great groove Wonderful playing from everyone involved. Thank you for including me in your collection.

A great album...


Review by slin on 06/26/2019

a great collection here Rolf and thanks for let me join you here...;)
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