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Cloud Dreams + Friends

Cloud Dreams + Friends
About this album:
Hi everyone and welcome to my WL album number 12. This one is a followup to my last album 'Cloud Dreams'. This album features remixes of Cloud Dreams tracks, with a couple of filler tracks too. Many thanks go out to those who provided remixes. I'm sorry if your remix didn't windup here, but there were so many wonderful tracks to choose from. Unfortunately, some had to be left off due to redundancies. I hope you enjoy the album :Dapsummerlin created by apsummerlin on 09/09/2019

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Involved artists:
apsummerlin josepssv Fishinmissio FFMBasser bluesdog Jypeka GlezBass ivax Neb Wade Tofzegrit khangurumc axenvocs

Great Soundscapes -


Review by bluesdog on 09/10/2019

Thank you Alan for including my remix on your album.

The Magician Merlin


Review by ivax on 09/09/2019

Thanks Alan for your Music ,amazing!!!



Review by Leftdaloops1019 on 09/21/2019

sweet ride!

Imagination Plus


Review by Wade on 09/12/2019

So inspiring to hear so many original and creative tracks in one album.


Review by khangurumc on 09/11/2019

Thank you Alan for including me on you r album , I really appreciate.

Merlin l'enchanteur


Review by Jypeka on 09/10/2019

Thank you for including me in your trip ... I like your cloudy universe

great showcase


Review by axenvocs on 09/10/2019

nice album bro thanks for including me.
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