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Maritimer's Mix

Maritimer's Mix
About this album:
Ernie and I are both Nova Scotia residents and I thought it be fun to put together an album of our jams. These are my favorites thus far...may there be many more to follow!Tu created by Tu on 09/09/2019

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Major 3rd

From the heart and soul


Review by Major 3rd on 09/10/2019

Tu has magnificent ability to transmit pure emotion and power with her talented vocals and instrumentation. Lyrics always reach inside and touch the listener..What a great collection of songs and players. I'm honored to be a part..Thanks Tu for all you do..

Fantastic Duo of Masters of Feeling


Review by ivax on 09/09/2019

Thanks Tu for your Voice ,always enjoy ,Wonderful

Tu and Ernie! Two wonderful musical souls!


Review by Stef on 09/09/2019

A splendid album enhanced by the passion and great feeling of Tu's voice and Ernie's unmistakable bass.

Great Honour!


Review by Ernie440 on 09/12/2019

Always great to jam with Tu's great musical jaunts and I really had no idea we did that many songs together .. very cool my friend!! Thanks for putting this one together :) :D:D



Review by adu on 09/09/2019

You really have a knack for texting awesome lyrics and sing it so authentic with your special voice. Tu, i´m sure a great fan of you!! Thanks for making this incredible Album and thanks a little bit more for let me be a part of this. I really appreciate it so much. I send you a lot of hearts my dear! Please stay as you are!!!!!!! ;) All the best ....adu :)
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