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World wide hollydays in Wikkiloop's land by ERWAN

World wide hollydays in Wikkiloop's land

World wide hollydays in Wikkiloop's land
About this album

When returning from holidays, it is customary in France to bring back a souvenir gift to friends.
Since I spent a week of vacation in Wikiloops land, here's mine :
Listen to the sound carried by the waves of the Atlantic Ocean.
Get ready for a space walk
learn to dance lemnisca Tango
look at the weaving done with the harmony that turns in the air of wikiloops-town
Take a ticket to ride with the Orient Express
Get off the train at La Messa station (It's close to the airport
and flights to the real world).
Because it's the end of my holidays. Always too short.
thanks to Dirk for wikiloops. and thanks to all those who participated in these few tracks. ERWAN created by ERWAN on Sep 15, 2019

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Magnificent Gift


Review by GlezBass on Sep 15, 2019

It really is a great gift for this looper that played on so many tracks of this great album. I have been doing with Ron this great trip that he describes in his comments, and I had a lot of fun playing harmonies and ideas because Ron (Erwan) is an excellent and amazing musician. If you do not know, browse this album and you will discover it !!! Thanks for including me friend !!

Musical postcard


Review by Jypeka on Sep 16, 2019

Happy to have participated in your musical holidays, nice selection of songs, and rejoiced to play with another "frotteur de cordes"!

Amazing Album,Erwan


Review by ivax on Sep 15, 2019

Thanks for your journey through the world of fantasy,Great

Very Enjoyable


Review by apsummerlin on Sep 18, 2019

Nice work Erwan, truly a joy to listen to. Glad to be a part of it.
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