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Spätsommer Collection

Spätsommer Collection
about this album:
ein mix aus Instrumenten und Gesang

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Fantastic Album


Review by ivax on 09/15/2019

Thanks for your great Album,Very happy ,mi amigo Rolf

a fine album...


Review by slin on 09/15/2019

a lot of great music here Rolf,and thanks so much for let me join you here...;)

Wonderful Album


Review by ALawrence1 on 09/15/2019

Peatric. A great collection of music. Bravo! Thanks for including my track!

love this collection


Review by axenvocs on 09/15/2019

Only recently I discovered yet another extraordinary musician here on the loops. Rolf I am a fan and this is a great collection of fine music glad to be able to contribute

Great album


Review by bhunt1 on 10/01/2019

This album rocks - great work!

High quality


Review by frenzie on 09/18/2019

Good album!! Sounds really good, hope we keep making music my friend:):)


Review by FrankieJ on 09/16/2019

Very happy to be included in your works my friend.

Don`t break my heart again


Review by khangurumc on 09/16/2019

Hi Rolf, Thanks for included me in your album , I really appreciate it.And really happy to discover your great talent. Marc.

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About this album:
ein mix aus Instrumenten und Gesang
peatric created by peatric on 09/15/2019

Thumbs: 10
Listened: 126 times
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