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Voices by FrankieJ


About this album

This album version 1 compilation of tracks featuring some of our wonderful singer/songwriters here on Wikiloops. For me, I am always delighted when the vocalist chooses to join so Thank You for the wonderful songs. And of course Thank you to all the players who provided instrumentation to these tracks.
FrankieJ created by FrankieJ on Nov 20, 2019

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Involved artists

Great Idea, Great Album!


Review by Ernie440 on Nov 21, 2019

Great idea Frankie, featuring the fine singers of Wikiloops .. nicely done with you starting some fantastic templates for them to work from. So pleased to be included in some of these works!!

A fantastic idea...


Review by slin on Nov 21, 2019

a fantastic collection of song here FrankieJ,it`s always a highlight to hear your new tracks,thanks so much for including me her.;)

Vas y Frankie c'est bon !


Review by Jypeka on Nov 21, 2019

Super complil singers, and in addition not less than 30 musicians participate in this album, because you make us beautiful templates ... (the title is a French song will see on the net) :)

Superbe réussite


Review by bassman78fr on Nov 21, 2019

Thanks Frankie for honoring me with one of my contributions to this CD. This CD reflects the huge number of Wikiloopers following your activities. Regardless of the music style of the song.

Woderful Selection of Music and Song


Review by bluvation on Nov 21, 2019

Songs are like flowers, they grow from seeds. Your awesome templates are the seeds of each of these songs Frankie. Keep planting them and the Wiki Garden will always be in full bloom. Thanks for sharing your awesome musical talent and for the inspiration.


Review by moonchild on Nov 21, 2019

This is a great album, thank you for including me :) Glad you're here, Frankie!!

The Voice of Wikiloops


Review by glennp on Nov 21, 2019

Nice collection of tunes...Thanks for including me on this album. Its great to hear the voices of Wikiloops. Great work from everyone involved.

Beautiful Songs!


Review by khangurumc on Nov 21, 2019

Thank you Frankie, I am really proud to be part of this fantastic album.

Beautiful collection


Review by TeeGee on Dec 10, 2019

These albums are magical, well done!!

Thumbs Up!


Review by wishnewsky on Dec 9, 2019

Great compilation, thank you!!!

Thank you ;o)


Review by Uloisius on Nov 22, 2019

Dear Frankie, thank you so much for being on this beautiful album. Your guitar templates are inspiring and simply beautiful and invite to join in. Many thanks for the many beautiful music you have given us so far, hopefully much will follow ;o)

Wonderful Musical Selflessness and Collections


Review by PJE on Nov 21, 2019

Many people in the world spend their entire life thinking about themselves alone. Rarely taking time to think of the feelings or needs and art of other people, or how actions can affect them. A selfless person will always want to put others first and think less of himself or herself. I think all the artists here do this to one degree or another but in Frankie there is no better example both musically and personally. Thank you my friend I am so honoured to be part of this wonderful collection of musicians and to have shared in so much of your beautiful music, particularly. Frankie's inspirational music such a major & very special part of this magical place.
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