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Exile & Exodus

Exile & Exodus
About this album:
This is an eclectic set of atmospheric songs.
Thanks for all involved in this project. Caroljoyce created by Caroljoyce on 05/07/2020

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Involved artists:
PetriHaapa Caroljoyce Jypeka Inkless ERWAN Evilvince JEF29730 Stayn Pewi

Like Exploring Outer Space


Review by Wade on 05/08/2020

This is wonderful music that goes in it's own direction. It's the essence of why I love Wikiloops.


Review by JEF29730 on 05/08/2020

hey! vraiment ravi de faire parti de cette belle selection de titres , ça me fait très plaisir, merci Agnès :) et bravo ! :)

Eclectic Electic Harp


Review by Jypeka on 05/09/2020

Bel album, belle sélection de titres Merci de m'avoir fait monter à bord ... 4 x ! :)

permanent movement


Review by ERWAN on 05/08/2020

" Tha mi ag iarraidh labhairt mu eilean a chruthachadh: cuimhne a dh’fhàgadh tu gun aon sùil a-mhàin a thoirt air ais." - Peter MacKay - (Je veux parler de la création d’une île: Un souvenir d'où vous pourriez partir, avec un regard en arrière.) Glad to have been present at your side on this Album

Nuf said!


Review by Evilvince on 05/08/2020

Another journey with Agnès on these soundscapes. I'm proud to be in this album my dear
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