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2020 blues

2020 blues
About this album:
Love peace and the bluesfrenzie created by frenzie on 05/16/2020

Thumbs: 13
Listened: 137 times

Involved artists:
Tu Stef frenzie Ernie440 Mickey KMstar cschlote slin Bothen Pewi titi Filo974 PJE solozolo Don_T Wade docnat FFMBasser mrrockero magirtiko

Great blues


Review by KMstar on 05/16/2020

Fine collection of songs, its a honor to be a part of it


Review by titi on 05/25/2020

Mister Blues... Mister play the Blues !!!

Good stuff here


Review by Bothen on 05/24/2020

You can always count on Tom for good quality blues and it is always pleasure to jam with him, thanks for having me here Tom!!!



Review by slin on 05/19/2020

Thanks for let me join you here frenzie,many good song here.;)slin.

A blues tour de force


Review by Wade on 05/18/2020

So good to hear so many fine players getting behind Frenzie's fine playing.

Awesome blues from my favorite Blues Man


Review by Don_T on 05/18/2020

Super album, Tom.. thanks so much for letting me be a part of it

A great surprise


Review by Pewi on 05/16/2020

What a great surprise! I am proud to be part of it

tremendous album


Review by mrrockero on 05/16/2020

Spectacular album Tom, a pleasure and an honor to be in this great work with great friends and musicians, many congratulations my friend and it is always a pleasure to listen to you and be able to participate



Review by Tu on 05/16/2020

Class, talent, exceptionally gifted playing...Tom you are a legend! I feel honoured to be on this album 💕💕💕

Yes sir


Review by Mickey on 05/25/2020

Music from the the big Father of Blues
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