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corona album

corona album
About this album:
Music from the Corona times (spring 2020) collected for you here at wikiloops. We all know what quarantine, limited contact, risk of infection and mouth-nose protection means, we live with it day after day ... here is the soundtrack to the epidemic. As always, a thousand thanks to all the musicians involved, you are great. And as always, special thanks to Dick for all the effort he has put into this project ;o)Uloisius created by Uloisius on 04/30/2020

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Listened: 376 times

Involved artists:
Mika Tohve JEF29730 Ernie440 ivax Baer GlezBass Wade Fishinmissio Charli56 abuitremorem Blueberry Uloisius Tofzegrit WhiteDrum55 solozolo Keiton Tutama frenzie Demian PierreOghi Mike_66 Ivanovitch KMstar MrAdamOnDrums Stef magirtiko KD Andri KaiPlan PJE josepssv Lizard

An Epidemic Album


Review by Ivanovitch on 04/30/2020

Some might run and hide from danger. But these fearless musicians laugh in the face of Covid19 and play on...

richtig richtig ..


Review by AKchen on 04/30/2020

... COOL :) !!


Review by JEF29730 on 04/30/2020

Thanks Ulo😁 glad to be on this album 😁👍

Nice compilation


Review by Demian on 04/30/2020

Glad to be here in this selection. The Corona Album, Great idea. Thanks!!

Immer ein Blick auf das Ganze


Review by abuitremorem on 04/30/2020

In dieser Zusammenstellung bringst Du die Aktualität auf den Punkt und bringst den Zeitgeist zum Klingen. Vielen Dank Ulo für Deine kritische und aufmerksame WL Begleitung. Freut mich, dass ich in diesem Album vertreten sein kann.



Review by frenzie on 04/30/2020

Wonderful album in these horrible times



Review by TeeGee on 04/30/2020

Habe das den ganzen Nachmittag im Loop laufen, toll!!! :W

Nice Collection from the Plandemic


Review by Ernie440 on 04/30/2020

Always great to listen to your collections Ulo, and even better when I'm included in your selections .. Thanks!! :W

fantastic Album Ulo and Loopers


Review by ivax on 05/02/2020

Thanks for this compilation, friend Ulo, and Thanks to Dick, for keeping the spirit alive during this tragic period.

Your joy is my reward ;o)


Review by Uloisius on 04/30/2020

Thank you friends for the great comments and the thumbs you gave the album ;o) These are not easy times and the view of the future is very similar to the view I have when I watch a thunderstorm brewing on the horizon. The more beautiful that there are Wikiloops in these times that we all enjoy so much. At this point again the special thanks to Dick who keeps this page alive for us.
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