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About this album:
The topic "stoned" and everything that has to do with it, is related to it, has arisen out of it or whatever, it is always found in the music here on the platform. Reason enough to dedicate an own album to this phenomenon, and here it is: "stoned". Have fun with it, listen to it in peace, you already know what I mean ;o)
From funny to experimental, from cool to lively, everything included. A small, interesting journey through the green Wikiloops ;o)
As always, thanks to all the musicians involved in the album, you are really great and I had a lot of fun digging through your songs, I'm sure to drop by again ;o)
In the end, as always: Hats off to Dick who started this damn cool Wikiloops project, thanks for that ;o)Uloisius created by Uloisius on 05/03/2020

Thumbs: 9
Listened: 414 times

Involved artists:
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Your joy is my reward ;o)


Review by Uloisius on 05/03/2020

Thank you friends for the great comments and the thumbs you gave the album ;o) Nice that you liked the album so far ;o) It is always a pleasure for me to rummage around here on wikiloops and put together songs on certain topics. Originally I only did it for myself to get an overview and to hear the albums in the car every now and then. It is all the nicer to find that there are members like you who appreciate that, thank you for it At this point again the special thanks to Dick who keeps this page alive for us.
Major 3rd

A Thai stick classic


Review by Major 3rd on 05/03/2020

What a great album with lots of great songs and musicians. Love the concept! Happy to be a part of this green festival..

Nice collection!!


Review by Ernie440 on 05/03/2020

haha, very cool album you put together Ulo! Well done! .. glad to take part in this! :)


Review by carlottis on 05/03/2020

Una genialidad compilar este álbum,lo descargare, resulta evocador de momentos vividos con colegas, gracias Uli por incluirme🍻❤


Review by bluesdog on 05/03/2020

What an amazing collection of inspired potheads here, thank you Uloisius, honored to be included in this bunch!


Review by kmoon235 on 05/03/2020

An honor to be included on here with these wonderful talented folks. Never realized we had even this many tracks referencing this. A great collection of tunes-great work on this album. keith



Review by Schrotti on 05/03/2020

hey, ulo ! klasse album, thema sowieso super! :D auch schön, wieder dabei zu sein, jederzeit gerne ! :-)


Review by frenzie on 05/03/2020

Thnx Ulo for including me, cool album you put together my friend:):)

Top Notch


Review by axenvocs on 05/03/2020

Great idea my friend. Enjoyed the collection and happy to be a part of it
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