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Tree Of Beauties

Tree Of Beauties
About this album:
A first compilation-tribute of songs that are close to my heart ...
The collaborating musicians here are the fruits of the tree of a life that I offer everyone to taste through this album.

Thanks for listeningFilo974 created by Filo974 on 04/20/2020

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Listened: 123 times

Involved artists:
ERWAN GlezBass Wade FrankieJ PJE Filo974 fblack hartmut Tieftöner OliVBee titi 21UR Tofzegrit Jypeka khangurumc StJray petebass Itocpogo BigDaddyCee jhonrobert ROBJOL ArkRockStudio Fabricio L



Review by Jypeka on 04/20/2020

Nice selection of tracks, very cool ... there is even a fiddler, who tries to play the midi keyboard

Bèl mizik nou la fé !


Review by ERWAN on 04/20/2020

Thank you for your words, I'm happy to participate in this album

Thank you


Review by khangurumc on 04/23/2020

Thank you ,really honored to be included with all those wonderful musicians.


Review by FrankieJ on 04/22/2020

An honor to be a part. thank you.

Good songs and nice presentation


Review by fblack on 04/21/2020

I like this compilation, thanks for including me!

« Tree Of Beauties »


Review by StJray on 04/20/2020

A judicious selection of tunes very pleasant to listen to ... Bravo to all the participants, Ray

Nice presentation ...


Review by GlezBass on 04/20/2020

... kindly words to all musicians of this album, and great track selection. Thanks for included me!!


Review by titi on 04/20/2020

An altruistic approach. Honored to be included !
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