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After Joining

After Joining
About this album:
Thanks for all the great jams - so much fun!bhunt1 created by bhunt1 on 05/31/2020

Thumbs: 4
Listened: 140 times

Involved artists:
deezee Filo974 bhunt1 Wirework adu Bothen HeidiMarie donsk Ted franciscoalv Grathy mpointon FrankMil Drexhan davidaustin PJE Wade frenzie Ezdrummer DanDiplo ivax Telemetry 21UR Fishinmissio Ivanovitch

Cool Tracks!


Review by Grathy on 06/01/2020

Thanks so much for including me!!! Great roster of talent!

Something for Everyone


Review by Ivanovitch on 06/01/2020

A nice spread of genres across great tracks. Especially pleasing to hear the bluest bluesy blue number again

Super cool Album


Review by Ezdrummer on 06/01/2020

Thank you for including me Brian

Super cool Album


Review by deezee on 05/31/2020

Thanks Brian :)

Really cool Album.


Review by davidaustin on 05/31/2020

Thank you for including me Brian, I am humbled to be amongst such fine musicians.



Review by Filo974 on 07/06/2020

Super album !!! Thanks for including me Brian :)

One solid bass player


Review by Bothen on 06/02/2020

Thanks for having me here Brian, I always enjoy your playing style.

master groove


Review by ivax on 06/01/2020

fantastic Album,Brian,amigo Thanks
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