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Tribune to Zobi (Pack 1 of 4) by Ray

Tribune to Zobi (Pack 1 of 4) by Ray
About this album:
The majority of Wikiloops members know the extraordinary talent of 'Marmotte' ... For new WikiLoopers, this tribute album is an opportunity to discover a fraction of this talented artist.
This album is the first pack of four ...
Thank you to all those who collaborated on the tunes of this album and those who encouraged us with their positive comments.
RayStJray created by StJray on 05/18/2020

Thumbs: 3
Listened: 136 times

Involved artists:
OliVBee Dafunkydrummer haddock marmotte StJray Ivanovitch JoSim khangurumc YuuLi Marceys mpointon Murilo

Food for the Soul


Review by Ivanovitch on 05/20/2020

Marmotte singing the blues, reggae and jazz. This album is good enough to eat

1 of 4


Review by Tofzegrit on 05/20/2020

And 2 and 3 :)



Review by khangurumc on 05/20/2020

Really proud to be part of this,thanks to all:)

Nice !


Review by OliVBee on 05/20/2020

Cool diverse album :) a demo of wikiloops multiple talents !

Wonder Zobi !


Review by Filo974 on 05/21/2020

Superbe album intelligent et suave Ray ! Tes mix notamment sont excellents. Really like

Beautiful album


Review by Marceys on 05/21/2020

With lot’s of great musicians arround these great vocals!
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"Wikiloops have given me an opportunity that i would never had....A chance to sing and write with incredible talent.;)"

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