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You want more

You want more
About this album:
Third Album. Thanks to all the musicians for their great feeling and creativity.Cassius created by Cassius on 05/30/2020

Thumbs: 8
Listened: 114 times

Involved artists:
mpointon onorium Cassius JMB65 Marceys jhonrobert WhiteDrum55 Acousticeg Youdy Wikimark frenzie Mickey Fabricio L btrasher ARNOSOLO FrankMil Ernie440 Nige freu Jypeka Ivanovitch FLOWARD Fishinmissio jamlady



Review by FLOWARD on 05/30/2020

je découvre la notion d'album Merci...

More Monkey Business


Review by Ivanovitch on 06/01/2020

Another Cassius inspired collection of great numbers

We want more song like that


Review by btrasher on 05/31/2020

Superbe troisième album mon ami chris!!!! Merci pour les jams!!

More is good...


Review by Acousticeg on 05/30/2020

Good stuff, a great listen. Enjoyed.

Cool Album


Review by jamlady on 05/30/2020

Thank you!


Review by frenzie on 05/30/2020

Thnx for this cool album and for including me :):) thank you cassius :):)
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