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Sounds of Silence

Sounds of Silence
About this album:
Entspannte TracksDrummer68 created by Drummer68 on 12/27/2020

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Listened: 301 times

Involved artists:
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Klasse Album :)


Review by wjl on 12/28/2020

Richtig gutes Album, Andel :) Und danke daß Du mich mit drauf genommen hattest :)

A fine collection here!


Review by Wade on 12/28/2020

I like the irony of a drummer's album titled "The Sounds of Silence". Fact is that Frank is very subtle in his drumming and never over the top. Many other tracks that don't feature Frank but are fitting to this fine album.

Great album


Review by Andri on 12/27/2020

Full of styles! Thank you

Tolles Album ;o)


Review by Uloisius on 12/27/2020

Ich liebe die leisen Töne. Schön das ich dabei sein darf ;o)
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