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Filo974 - Partners

Filo974 - Partners
About this album:
Suddenly my guitar met my voice, and the two became one... Great meeting !Filo974 created by Filo974 on 12/19/2020

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Involved artists:
Inkless JaggerJoe Filo974 GlezBass ArkRockStudio JodyTripp Tofzegrit bvveen Wade Mike_66 Baer CameAndWent4-20 Woodstock Cassius Diamant tyros4 PJE mpointon peatric WhiteDrum55 Marceys bassman78fr



Review by ArkRockStudio on 12/21/2020

Great album Filo, very nice mix. 😎

Great compilation


Review by bassman78fr on 12/20/2020

Thank you Filo for selecting a title I contributed to. It’s very gratifying for me. ;)

New Great Selection


Review by GlezBass on 12/20/2020

Once again I am touched by the "Olympus of the Gods" by being a musician on this album. Phil has a musical taste very similar to mine and I have enjoyed this new selection, with tracks that he had not heard and our old ones that he did not remember. A pleasure to hear these songs again !!!

Best of 2020.


Review by Cassius on 12/19/2020

Good, fine, musical with a lot of harmony. I love this album. Glad to be one of the partners :D
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