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Sweep it under the rug

Sweep it under the rug
About this album:
Albums are my way of reliving old jams everyone involved forgot about. Thanks amigosDirkL created by DirkL on 01/17/2021

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Listened: 190 times

Involved artists:
Wikimark ivax DirkL mortheol RobM Drill davidaustin Ezdrummer solozolo Mika Tohve uombo rp3drums fblack wiseshanks

Super cool jams..


Review by davidaustin on 01/17/2021

Thanks for including me in such a cool band of muso's, I am humbled my friend.

Oldies but Goodies


Review by mortheol on 01/18/2021

A fine collection of tracks from all the musicians involved. The music we make here needs to live on. Personally I love all the music that I do here with my friends, I save all of it and listen to it often. Thanks Dirk for keeping the "Spirit" of the music we make alive.

Mr Dirk en acción


Review by uombo on 01/19/2021

Thanks Dirk,amigo,fantastic Album ,very Happy :W Thanks for including me, this was the video Jam,yeah!!!

Cool songs


Review by fblack on 01/19/2021

Hey buddy, what a surprise... thanks for including me in this fantastic album!

Great Dirk,amigo


Review by ivax on 01/20/2021

Very Happy ,Dirk,I love this Album :W:W
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