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Gesangsaufnahmen 3

Gesangsaufnahmen 3
About this album:
es sind verschiedene Gesangsaufnahmen von 2019 bis mitte 2020...there are various vocal recordings from 2019 to mid-2020 ....Danke an alle Mitwirkenden......Thanks to all contributorspeatric created by peatric on 02/15/2021

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Involved artists:
Stef marmotte ROBJOL peatric StJray uncoil JoshDexter JodyTripp PJE ALawrence1 moonchild Shi khangurumc ARNOSOLO ellouidir ajax Uloisius Murilo Marceys LittleWing bluvation Cantaloopo Pewi FrankMil AnneCozean bassman78fr

Thanks Rolf


Review by khangurumc on 02/19/2021

I am really honored to be part of your album with such great musicians,Thank you Rolf.

Nice compilation


Review by bassman78fr on 02/17/2021

Congratulations peatric for this opus full of great songs. And thank you for including two of my contributions.

Sweet music


Review by ALawrence1 on 02/15/2021

Great album Peatric. Thanks for including me!

Wonderful Collection of Music and Song


Review by bluvation on 02/15/2021

I'm honored to be included in this wonderful collection of music and songs Rolf. Your awesome talent and versatile presence on each of these tracks make it a very special album. Gerry
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