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Red Samurai

Red Samurai
About this album:
The title is inspired by a dream I had some years ago (I tried to describe it in the "Kill the red samurai" lyrics, even if they may seems an action movie :D) wich I think is a good metaphor of the fact that if you run away from facing yourself you risk being overwhelmed by your fears.
Thanks to all the great musicians involved in these tracks.
Nick, hope you don't mind if I "borrow" your picture :)Carlomac created by Carlomac on 08/02/2021

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Involved artists:
rockdevil JoeOnBass FrankieJ Al-Fadista rootshell Carlomac PJE Ernie440 Pewi eyeless71 JEF29730 jehobith Anrak janixbonham Mnas09 rp3drums bvveen

Super Cool Album!


Review by Ernie440 on 08/03/2021

Great album by Carlo, so happy to be involved with several tracks. Great guitaring! Carlo always comes up with some very unique ear candy!! :O:W:D

Amazing Talent!


Review by rootshell on 08/02/2021

Such a great collection of tracks, Carlo, I'm honored to be on a couple of them. You truly inspire through your innovative guitar sounds/playing, vocal style, and ripping solos!


Review by Anrak on 08/02/2021

Hi Carlomac, I really appreciate it and I'm so happy to be immortalized on this terrific album!!! 🤘:D🤘

Great works


Review by JoeOnBass on 08/02/2021

A supreme collection of songs, glad to be involved.

Thank you!


Review by Carlomac on 08/03/2021

Thanks so much to all of you for your kind words my friends, really happy to be jamming with you. Nick, a bit more than a couple of tracks (a half of them, I would say). And that's because your indisputable talent always inspire me. Thanks brotha :)


Review by JEF29730 on 08/02/2021

very happy to be on this album, thank you Carlo. ... Banzaïïïï! 🤺 🤔😁
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