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Otro Día con Tu , IIIº Vol.

Otro Día con Tu , IIIº Vol.
About this album:
To thank and dedicate this album to all the loopers, thanks to all the musicians involved in this work and a special mention to our dear amiga and singer Tu....2021 is proving to be a somewhat complicated year, but we will continue forward...ivax created by ivax on 10/06/2021

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Involved artists:
ARNOSOLO Lenny Cowler Ernie440 Tu ivax WHITEPONGO Ezdrummer DanDiplo Jypeka Stef khangurumc Balfo PaulBOwens rootshell PJE RobM

Hey Xavi


Review by khangurumc on 10/08/2021

Thanks to include me in your album with those fantastic musician.

Wow! What a lovely surprise!


Review by Tu on 10/06/2021

Its so wonderful mi amigo to see this collection! Im glad you added Lennys It never rains...he did a fantastic job on that.our last jam I think is one of our finest...Ive been listening to your guitar over and over again as its astonishing. Thankyou so much for your time putting this all together Xavi! 💖💖💖

A Lovely Album!


Review by rootshell on 02/01/2022

Happy to be included my friend, such a nice collection that showcases your talent!
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