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In Memory of Dr. Strange Glove by Ernie440

In Memory of Dr. Strange Glove

In Memory of Dr. Strange Glove
About this album

It is with great sadness that I have to inform Wikiloops that Glen (DrStrgeglv) has passed on. I really liked Glen a lot, his sharp humour, his intelligence and mostly his fine singing ability and musicianship. We enjoyed some fun moments, for sure. Here are just some of the tracks I jammed out with Glen as well many other Wikiloopers. Glen's daughter Kat informed me recently that Glen passed away a year ago, December 4, 2020. RIP my friend. Ernie440 created by Ernie440 on Dec 12, 2021

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Hey buddy


Review by rp3drums on Dec 13, 2021

Sorry to hear this news. Glenn was one of a kind, we had many jams. Many talks and chats as well. RIP my friend. Happy we kicked some ass for awhile.

a friend never dies


Review by ERWAN on Dec 12, 2021

let me just once let me follow him in the dive let me just once let me borrow a cloud next to his one Thank you Ernie

Good to know...


Review by adu on Dec 12, 2021

he had some good moments here! R.I.P Glen!

The best way to remember is Music!


Review by Stef on Dec 12, 2021

How sad to hear this news! My heart is with Glenn watching us and listening to us from up there! Thank you Ernie, beautiful collection in his memory!



Review by frenzie on Dec 13, 2021

What a wonderful tribute. Sad to hear the news. Great gesture Ernie.

A sad news.


Review by slin on Dec 13, 2021

Yeah I've been wondering where he's gone, cause I've missed his contribution a very good musician, and always fun to listen to with a great voice will miss Dr.R.I.P.A very nice gesture by you Ernie. Nils .;).

What a Wonderful Way to be Remembered.


Review by Wade on Dec 13, 2021

A totally unique voice that's part of this place and will not be forgotten. Appreciation to Ernie for the letting us know and assembling this tribute.
Major 3rd

unexpected passing of a wikiloop friend


Review by Major 3rd on Dec 12, 2021

RIP Glen! We all enjoyed jamming with you and everything you collaborated was improved.. You're spirit lives on and your voice will never pass....thank you for all the times we jammed together.

Footprint in the numeric sand


Review by titi on Dec 12, 2021

Sad news for all of us. The good memories shared stay alive and last... RIP

Rest in Peace Glen


Review by rootshell on Dec 13, 2021

I really enjoyed Glen's vox-work, and thank you Ernie for putting this together, a great tribute to his musicality

Sad news


Review by ivax on Dec 13, 2021

I have not heard from Dr. for a while, thank you for this recognition and tribute, a very charming person, my condolences for his loved ones

No words.


Review by LittleWing on Dec 13, 2021

Deeply saddened and first I am hearing of this.

Now better way


Review by Navota on Dec 13, 2021

Now better way to say goodbye and remember him thank with this album thanks

His music will live on forever


Review by Baerenkind on Dec 13, 2021

It's very, very sad that Glen has passed away. I wish his family and loved ones a lot of strength.

Good Bye Sir


Review by hartmut on Dec 13, 2021

We were kidding, and sometimes his name was Dr. Strange Love for an instant, i really value the distinguished energy in all his contributions and collaborations and will keep those always joyful experiences and interactions with him in loving memory. All love to his family and friends

Fantastic album, great tribute to the Doctor


Review by TeeGee on Jan 17, 2022

I really enjoyed listening to that one, actually had it on a loop the whole afternoon. Very good songs and musicianship. RIP Glen

He will live forever in Music


Review by jamlady on Mar 15, 2022

Thank you for your Music!

A truly unique artist, one of a kind


Review by pconey on Feb 3, 2022

Very sad to hear about this, thanks Ernie for this wonderful tribute. If I could sum up this guy with one word it would be simply "fun", but he was much much more than that, he was a fabulous musician who could do a variety of styles. He had a very unique and original style, and combined it all with great sense of humor. I've not been around much over the past year, but was only listening to a track we did together which was utterly hilarious. Such a brilliant bloke, who will be sorely missed

What a sad and yet inspiring Honor


Review by BooDoggie on Jan 20, 2022

Ernie I feel overwhelmed just to be a part of your tribute album for Glen, and although I really haven't devoted enough time to wikkiloops lately I really need to rethink that. I have just recently lost one of my oldest and dearest friends who was also one of the most talented musicians I have ever had the opportunity to play music with over the past 40 years. R.I.P. Glen and Carl
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