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8th Dimension in Music

8th Dimension in Music
About this album:
The eighth dimension is the first non-dual dimension for Earth. It is characterized by the ability to instantly manifest your heart’s desire, including music. When an artist records a song they convey their emotions, so this selection of Wikiloops jam tracks is an emotional selection of tracks with specific thematically chosen sound. Krasimir created by Krasimir on 07/31/2022

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Involved artists:
rootshell Face Krasimir deezee WHITEPONGO ivax Tu abuitremorem Mike_66 davidaustin FLOWARD Raindox Bradford CTE PJE NuwaCraft freu Tofzegrit AKchen RobM Pewi timp FDLDJ dflanagan

Nice Mix of Various Styles


Review by CTE on 08/08/2022

Nice album MK ! surprised my little keyboard experiment made the cut. Glad to be a part of it

Master Krasimir


Review by ivax on 07/31/2022

Great job always on your performances,thanks for share Krasimir,amigo :W:W

Outstanding collection of cool tracks


Review by Tu on 07/31/2022

Wow not once but twice Im on this album!! Thanks so much for liking my tracks and developing them further so skillfully ❤❤❤

Another great collection of music.


Review by davidaustin on 07/31/2022

Once again thank you for including me Krasimir.

8th Dimension in Music


Review by FDLDJ on 07/31/2022

Hi Krasimir :) you are great !!! Thank you very much for including me again in your excellent albums. A fraternal hug and a warm greeting :)

Fantastic Album


Review by deezee on 08/02/2022

Thank you for all your awesome adds Krasimir and including me once again. :)

Great compilation


Review by abuitremorem on 08/01/2022

It is an honor for me to be represented in this great thematic compilation of emotions. Thank you Krasimir
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