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Invitation to meditation

Invitation to meditation
About this album:
Music. Mandalas. An open vote on the playlist for all wikiloopers in
the forum. An extra content gave some musicians the possibility to
choose their song and a flower, that changed into a flower bill by a
web app. This has been the preparation of the album that started with
a suggestion to set up a bank, here is the money … enjoy these
quiet meditative songs .. Waterval. Thanks to the musicians. Thank
you WikiloopsWaterval created by Waterval on 06/07/2022

Thumbs: 6
Listened: 116 times

Involved artists:
aleonz mpointon zeuhl50 FrankieJ Uloisius AKchen bluesdog jÜrGeN Fishinmissio MikeB PetriHaapa Andri ERWAN GlezBass Bradford Liesching slin

well feel


Review by AKchen on 06/10/2022

I know about the process of this album ... tunes of sun and flowers 🌿



Review by slin on 06/21/2022

a great collction here Jose and thanks for let me join.;)
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