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Laughter is the best Medicine

Laughter is the best Medicine
About this album:
Some of my favorite songs here on the loops are the ones that make us smile this is a collection that brought a smile to my face and hopefully yours too. Thanks to the many players who jammed on these for without them it could not be. And a huge thanks to Ernie who has huge heart and great sense of humor! as you can see plays bass on most of these funny bone ticklers. the other awesome contributors in no particular order Mika , Xavi , slonyatko , Andreas ,Timp , Mike , Frank , Egil and pyscho axenvocs created by axenvocs on 07/08/2022

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Involved artists:
axenvocs Ernie440 slonyatko GuitarPlyr ivax Psycho eGiL Mika Tohve Major 3rd timp adu Mikebanez FrankMil

Hermano Gary


Review by ivax on 07/09/2022

Thanks for share this great Album :W:W Always a pleasure for me play with you :D

Awesome with a TRUE TITLE for a change


Review by Ernie440 on 07/08/2022

yessir laughter is the best and I love this album, so glad I played on many tracks. Sometimes it's hard to believe Gary went there with his lyrics but he sure did LOL Thanks for the fun amigo .. super cool!! :D:W :O

Great Album...


Review by adu on 07/08/2022

and many time to laugh. Thank you for the music !

Major 3rd (Craig )


Review by axenvocs on 07/08/2022

somehow I missed a key player my home boy from NH sorry bro but here you are !!!!

Peace and 😂


Review by Tofzegrit on 07/09/2022

Thunder and laughing
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