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Insanity ...unleached by Anrak

Insanity ...unleached

Insanity  ...unleached
About this album

... when I started over two years ago at the Loops I would not have thought that it will come sometime to release an album on this platform. At that time my "little" band broke up and I was sick in bed. See it just before the holidays as a gift from me to the community. So to everyone the biggest thanks. Although I would have loved to do it, I couldn't immortalize all my comrades-in-arms of the last year. I had to make a selection and decided to create an album as balanced as possible in style and also sound. A few of my favorite songs are missing and so are a few of my favorite Loopers. Other Loopers unfortunately play the same instrument as I do, I would have liked to immortalize here too (yes, you two are meant). I could learn a lot from you two. Also to you my thanks are addressed. So now enough of the words us all sliders to the right!!! Anrak created by Anrak on Dec 22, 2022

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So good


Review by Baerenkind on Dec 23, 2022

This is really a powerful collection of pure metal. Well done Anrak a pleasure to listen.



Review by Offfocus on Dec 23, 2022

Hey Anrak, as you may know - this is not the style of music I am familiar with... but this album is really absolutely great.. I totally enjoyed listening this super powerful flow! Great job, man! And the cover!! What a cool creation!

So Polshed with Exellent Musicianship


Review by TEE-KWA on Dec 23, 2022

This Woke Me Up This Morning.... What a great collection of tracks.... It really works... Hats off to you all.



Review by rootshell on Dec 23, 2022

hard core metal at it's finest, killer tracks Anrak. very honored to be a part of your album. great work my friend, keep the metal flowing!!



Review by Anrak on Dec 22, 2022

... oh a typo, fits anyway.

So really good!


Review by hartmut on Nov 15, 2023

Very rich collection of great compositions
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......yeah.. What they all said! And ps. it's great! Thanks!

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