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Telyn Geltaidd by ERWAN

Telyn Geltaidd

Telyn Geltaidd
About this album

The harp is a very old instrument 3500 years BC.
According to Celtic legends, it was a bridge between two worlds (heaven/earth, dreams/reality).
On wikiloops it is now an entry point for jams with musicians from all countries, for all styles of music.
Telyn Geltaidd (Celtic Harp) is a collection of tracks where the Celtic harp is combined with other classical and modern instruments and the beautiful voices of Malgosia, Seren, Chrisbuggy and WildGoat ERWAN created by ERWAN on Aug 31, 2023

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More Celtic Harp, please!


Review by jampikus on Sep 1, 2023

Exciting musical journey with a rather rare and special sounding instrument. Great pleasure to listen!

musical delights


Review by Pewi on Sep 1, 2023

A special collection of musical delights! I am very honored to be a part of it. Thank you for that


Review by Jypeka on Aug 31, 2023

Very nice album that I listen to this morning when I wake up... I even hear the hand pan... and your harp playing is great... I have to go back to these Breton lands one of these days to resource

Cheers for putting this together what a great listen.


Review by CHRISBUGGY on Aug 31, 2023

Enjoyed the variety within the album. Of course its lovely to hear the Harp feature but the contributions in general are wonderfully diverse. Great album cheers.

Have a Whisky one me ... wonderful Album


Review by WildGoat on Aug 31, 2023

Tapadh leibh airson leigeil leam a bhith a ’faireachdainn mar a tha mi a’ faireachdainn ... is dòcha gum bi an similear agad gu bràth a ’smocadh
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