Alte Weisen No.1

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Alte Weisen No.1Uloisius created by Uloisius on 12/23/2015

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about this album:
Dieses Album enthält ausschließlich Lieder mit Texten längst verstorbener Lyrikerinnen und Lyriker. Texte: Kurt Tucholsky 1890-1935, Track 1 / Johann Gottfried Herder 1744-1803, Track 2 / Friedrich Wilhelm Wagner 1882-1931, Track 3 / Christian Hofmann von Hofmannswaldau 1616-1679, Track 4 / Heinrich Heine 1797-1856, Track 5 & 7 / Selma Meerbaum-Eisinger 1924-1942, Track 6 & 12 / Johann Aloys Blumauer 1755-1798, Track 8 / Karl Stieler 1842-1885, Track 9 / (Alfred Henschke) Klabund 1890-1928, Track 10 / Friedrich Wilhelm Gotter 1746-1797, Track 11 / Ernst Goll 1887-1912, Track 13 / Max Dauthendey 1867-1918, Track 14 *** Vielen Dank an all die tollen Wikilooper ohne deren einzigartige Musik diese Textinterpretationen nie zustande gekommen wären.

Musicality of german poetry


Review by ROBJOL on 03/16/2017

All these poems are so well rendered. I discoverd with Uloisius the musicality of German poetry. This is a fantastic discovery and a wonderful album.
Lenny Cowler



Review by Lenny Cowler on 04/06/2016

fantastic albumsmile.gif

Discover Poetry


Review by frankyguitar on 02/08/2016

I love it!
You can always discover a lot of poetry in this great album! Uli is an artist who be able to merge poetry and music in an excellent way to a wonderful result!! If you like older poetry you will love this album!! All thumbs up!

Beautiful Album


Review by aleonz on 12/29/2015

I'm one of a fan of your warm deep voice, your singing always tell such a wonderful stories, and even you sang your song mostly in your language, I still can have a great time listening and enjoying your song.

Thank you for sharing your music Ulo & everyone in album made fantastic music here.


Beautiful tracks!


Review by Marceys on 12/26/2015

Great series of tracks!

I'm a fan! smile.gif


Power of Words in Music


Review by Tofzegrit on 12/24/2015

Unfortunately, I'm not familiar with the german language but I've discovered it in this place and I hear the words in a different way now even if I still do not understand them.
And ? I love sax but I don't know play with smile.gif

Great Collection Uli
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