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woXey - WikiLooPs Compilation

woXey - WikiLooPs Compilation
About this album:
This is a great showcase of how we do it @ Wikiloops. Thanks to all the musicians i had a pleasure to make music with!! 100% WiKiLooPsç

Im really gratefull for all ur contribution!

Peace and Love

...the woxwoXey created by woXey on 12/20/2015

Thumbs: 8
Listened: 1497 times

Involved artists:
woXey incivanpico Shi frankiejazz sobrebeber nuno1959 Mishteria OliVBee Slimdaver AKchen Guitarrockr jmrukkers PJE KellsBells rockdevil Basster Psycho mpointon Tofzegrit

woX.... Hey Hey Hey !


Review by Tofzegrit on 12/23/2015

This guy brings us so cool fundations to jam around!
Thanks a lot for your music Amigo

"I Had The Same Dream Amigo!"


Review by incivanpico on 12/21/2015

Your A Creative Genius Mukker!:D...Love Your Music Bruv!:):)
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