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One, Two, 1 2 3 4Tofzegrit created by Tofzegrit on 03/15/2016

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about this album:
Of course the term "Groove" is often used when we talk about any kind of music. So here is a variation around Pop Funk Rock Blues Jazzy Tracks and maybe if you shake your head or your body, if you clap your hands or tap your feet... So there is some groove :) I hope you will enjoy all this music who makes me feel so good because played with others.

downloaded !!!


Review by AKchen on 06/14/2016

thank you so much my smart Toffi ... perfect awesome music/album for my MP3 player & me - so cool ;D

5, 6, 7, 8!


Review by Marceys on 03/15/2016

Way cool compilation of tracks Tof! You played so much cool guitars and basslines that I lost track! smile.gif

Very cool to be on so much tracks with you on it too!

Thanks for all the musical fun we do here man!



Review by wikibeb on 03/15/2016

super impressionnant ta participation, tu apporte vraiment beaucoup
tu a un large panel de compétence musicale , superbe album
encore bravo tof

This album is a real highlight ;o)


Review by Uloisius on 03/15/2016

Enjoy the music of Tof ... creative, varied, full of feeling and masterfully offered ;o)

Tof is...


Review by Keiton on 03/15/2016

Tof is a masterful musician in wikiloops. This is the album where you can enjoy his ingenious music smile.gif

The Changeling Of The Fretboard!


Review by mpointon on 03/15/2016

Great tones, great chops but, most importantly incredible taste and feel for the music. Your inimitable signature is right there on every track.

And there's a few tunes on here I'd forgotten about! Fantastic to hear them again smile.gif
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