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FrankieJ and Friends #1 by FrankieJ

FrankieJ and Friends #1

FrankieJ and Friends #1
About this album

A collection of tracks I've had the pleasure of playing on with my many friends at Wikiloops. FrankieJ created by FrankieJ on Dec 24, 2015

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Great musician and guitar


Review by GlezBass on Dec 24, 2015

One of the best guitars you hear on this site, a very interesting sound, musical ideas, good company in jams, this album is a good example of what I say. A real pleasure to share jams with this great musician


Review by titi on Dec 28, 2015

A big guitarist in the multiple talents. One of the rare which leaves me on the knees when it lets take out its Blues... And unique in the interpretation of Country-music, Frankie and deserving representing of the musical culture of U.S.A.


Review by aleonz on Dec 25, 2015

Frankie always sing his heart out with his string so wonderfully, not only that, he put his great emotion and make it speak to you in a very beautiful way. His string can make me smile, and also can put tears to my eyes, and it pull me out into another space and time when I hear him playing. all the beauty in his music really can my heart sing and the words find their own way to be sung...

I'm so happy to found Frankie music and sing into his gorgeous song, the moment of sweet happiness....

Thank you very much Frankie, it's always great pleasure to meet you in this musical wonderland.


You know about guitar !


Review by Tofzegrit on Dec 24, 2015

So glad to cross your road my friend.
In this place, I've seen only respect and friendship between our "sub category" of guitar players, that's another human positive point we share together and that's so cool.
I really believe you are a master with your instrument and your work is always so clean and perfect.



Beam me up Frankie ;o)


Review by Uloisius on Dec 29, 2015

I have heard your album yesterday evening completely heard, very beautiful music to dream and to beam away.
Tasty assortment of titles.
Anyone who wants to prepare a delightful blue hour should listen to this album ;o)
Mac Dab

"FrankieJ and Friends #1"


Review by Mac Dab on Apr 3, 2023

After all these years it shines and glitters as before. Big respect and gratitude for Frankie and all participating musicians. The only pity is that Alice is missing now...

wonderful wiki collection


Review by OliVBee on Mar 10, 2016

i can hear a huge musical background in your playing and your choices are always in the direction of the song whatever the style is ... the sign of a well seasoned musician :)
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