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Tof&Mates with AlexJ - Listen to the groove by Tofzegrit

Tof&Mates with AlexJ - Listen to the groove

Tof&Mates with AlexJ - Listen to the groove
About this album

Some tracks with this incredible Alex, THE groove machine.
A tribute... Tofzegrit created by Tofzegrit on Dec 31, 2015

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Listened: 1995 times

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This album is on professional level


Review by Krasimir on May 11, 2023

Nothing more can say.Nice.

A great album from our gurus of groove


Review by wjl on Apr 25, 2020

This indeed one of Wikiloops' finest. I've heard it before but downloaded it right now - my third download of an album from Tofzegrit. I'm feeling honoured that I could play with some of these great guys live already, hoping to meet the others too. And Alex - what should I say, except wow... with one track or the other of his I thought that this should be transcribed, for future kids to learn :) Enjoyed this very much, and I'm sure that you will, too. Thanks mates.

Alex. The Bass. The Man. The Groove.


Review by mpointon on Jan 13, 2016

Where do you start with with someone with the prodigious talent of Alex? The king of groove. The king of cool. The king of bass. Simples, to coin an advertising phrase.

But do not discount the talents of the other players here. We have Tofzegrit - the king of pure guitar cool; we have Marc[eys] - the king of keys, the man who just makes everything cool. The funk. Then we have players like DaFunkyDrummer; frankly, one of the finest drummers I've had the pleasure to listen to. I'm sure he's on albums around the world but he's here, on the 'Loops. A finer drummer I challenge anyone to better. The groove king. The player.

This is a collection of the very best of the 'loops. Listen. Enjoy.

But, most importantly, remember these are guys who do it for fun. Now go back to the charts and tell me where the music is.

I hear the groove!


Review by Marceys on Dec 31, 2015

Fantastic bundle of tracks here!

Thanks for sharing!

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I love this place!! its all about the music&supporting eachother nothing else!! :)
frenzie from Netherlands

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