Dracula Gets Sacked and other silly stories

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Dracula Gets Sacked and other silly storiespiper created by piper on 12/30/2015

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piper Girard mpointon
about this album:
A compilation of the hilariously ridiculous! Want to enjoy some goof-ball humor? Than sit back in that easy chair and strap on your funny bone... Thanks go out to Girard and MPointon. They were kind enough to add their fantastic ideas, humor and vocal talents.

The Funny Side from My Windy Queen


Review by Tofzegrit on 01/02/2016

For sure you've found a crazy partner in the name of Girard!
Sometimes ideas must get out of your mind
That's done!
Thanks for this part of you

Biased Review


Review by Girard on 12/31/2015

I may be biased, but these tracks are pretty much sure to make anyone who speaks English chuckle at least once.
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