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Sing me a song

Sing me a song
About this album:
Wikiloops Duets.
Volume IV ;)josepssv created by josepssv on 08/26/2016

Thumbs: 16
Listened: 2157 times

Involved artists:
KapitanH Uloisius ROBJOL ziharmo mandolodda mpointon AKchen MajorTom_III anony RichyH aleonz Balfo ivax ericblom abuitremorem josepssv Funkystan Tofzegrit rp3drums Ernie440 titi billybluej Coebecoe KaiPlan Kermit Anon518 alexj bhunt1 TeeGee jmrukkers consmupa CrazYo kennyadry DannyK

beautiful little collection ;o)


Review by Uloisius on 08/26/2016

Thanks for letting me be there ;o)



Review by AKchen on 08/26/2016

and what a cover, WOW!!

thank you ♥


Review by AKchen on 08/26/2016

dear José for this collection ... feeling so happy and honored

entre amigos


Review by ivax on 08/28/2016

hey Josep :) fantastica coleccion ,gracias por incluir esta pieza de Alice y Balfo,que yo me empeñé en que sonara en castellano y chapurreando el ingles,la dejé caer con todo el cariño del mundo...me alegra formar parte de tu colección...gracias amigo y gracias a todos los wikiloopers :)


Review by ericblom on 08/27/2016

What a great idea to put together a album like this. a good reflection of WikiLoops and it's wonderful musisians.


Review by ROBJOL on 08/26/2016

I also am honoured to be part of this selection.

the most beautiful duets


Review by abuitremorem on 08/26/2016

Here the most beautiful duets presented in wikiloops. A great view to this database. I appreciate such compilations, promote wikiloops as a whole. Wonderful, that I may be there as well.
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