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Way Cool

Way Cool
About this album:
Need I say more? Marceys created by Marceys on 01/17/2016

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Zamzam Marceys bigmac9137 Shi Nadeem Milachica Nurge mpointon alexj SlonMusic aleonz sfiks Tofzegrit Dafunkydrummer OliVBee haddock marmotte TomasFoe RichyH Alby morgan102

The King Of Cool


Review by mpointon on 08/30/2016

This collection is total proof of Marc's incredible capacity for both contribution and creation to the very, very highest standards. His templates, often daringly sparse, gives contributors a wonderful insight into the collaborative song creation process, challenging them to genuinely be part of the original composition by providing basic-yet-impeccably played ingredients - a veritable palette allowing any player to choose one of the many directions his templates could take. Few players can match Marc's amazing ability to offer such stylistic flexibility from a template.

And when he adds to another's template, it's always musical, cool, groovy and totally considerate to the music he's playing.

A consummate musician and a genuine pleasure to play with.

Ouais! C'est cool!


Review by Tofzegrit on 08/30/2016

Hop hop hop !

Cool Ride Indeed!


Review by aleonz on 01/17/2016

always a great pleasure to play with music Marc, your music always have that rich flavors that really hard to resist.
You’ve accomplished so much fantastic music already. and I’m sure you’ll continue to go on to do many more. it's an honor to part of this album.

Thank you

Marc's Magic


Review by SlonMusic on 01/17/2016

You are a great musician, Marc! I'm very proud to be in your album, in the company of others wiki people.. Thank you!!
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