Rock and Blues with Slonmusic 2015

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Rock and Blues with Slonmusic 2015gwailoah created by gwailoah on 01/22/2016

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SlonMusic gwailoah jmrukkers zacharyBennoui ddruszkowski
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Steve at Slonmusic has a massive gift for remixing as well as being a brilliantly talented musician across a range of genres, and the things he has done with some of my vocal stems are stunning. Couple these with excellent adds from jmrukkers, ddruszkowski and Zachary Bennoui and this mini album is the result. Thank you guys for coming in to take part. Hugely proud of these tracks - is a total privilege to be a part of this brilliant adventure we call the Wikiloops. And so much fun!!

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Review by ivax on 09/01/2016

fantastic Album my friend smile.gif

About this man!!


Review by Keiton on 04/11/2016

Anyway, he is good at singing. I think he's an entertainer. He matches is better to sing on stage than sing in the studio. And he would have been restless man from childhood. For example, as David Lee Roth. Maybe most of the things would be the microphone for him. I know, he is a very gentle man. Thank you so very muchsmile.gif

--Keiton Arvelaiz

Brian's energy


Review by SlonMusic on 01/22/2016

Great singing brother!! Hope to collab with you in 2016, 17, 18 etc...
Long love the Endless R'n'R!)
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