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Kells Bells & Cody Tripp

Kells Bells & Cody Tripp
about this album:
Collaborations by Kells Bells & Cody Tripp

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Which one is Beauty and Which one is the Beast, Tof? ;)


Review by KellsBells on 01/22/2016

Because if we are going by music....Cody wins the beauty hands down for all his beautiful music! :) I didn't even realize we had this many songs together! Such an honor Cody. Thank you for your wonderful, beautiul, always evolving and entertaining music. It is an honor and a pleasure to sing along. :)

The Beauty and The Beast :)


Review by Tofzegrit on 01/22/2016

"Don't Blink", just listening one of the best voice in WL cody's machine talent propulsor !

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About this album:
Collaborations by Kells Bells & Cody Tripp
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