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Hip Hop Jams II

Hip Hop Jams II
about this album:
More of my fav hip hop jams. Thanks to all the great musicians that have contributed to these tracks.

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It was about time someone did a Hiphop Wiki Album ;)


Review by TeeGee on 04/12/2016

Must have missed it when you first uploaded it. Thanks for playing with me on these hiphop songs. I guess there will be a third album at one stage ;)

HipHop bassman


Review by ivax on 09/21/2016

fantastic Bhunt :)

Album Info

bhunt1 created by bhunt1 on 04/02/2016

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Listened: 626 times
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bhunt1 Psycho woXey jomortimer Baer TeeGee mortheol frankyguitar rp3drums FrankMil Shi
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