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Hip Hop Jams II by bhunt1

Hip Hop Jams II

Hip Hop Jams II
About this album

More of my fav hip hop jams. Thanks to all the great musicians that have contributed to these tracks. bhunt1 created by bhunt1 on Apr 2, 2016

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It was about time someone did a Hiphop Wiki Album ;)


Review by TeeGee on Apr 12, 2016

Must have missed it when you first uploaded it. Thanks for playing with me on these hiphop songs. I guess there will be a third album at one stage ;)

Nice lead guitar work!!!


Review by soulsushi on Jan 29, 2018

Great tone, great licks...nice job!!!

HipHop bassman


Review by ivax on Sep 21, 2016

fantastic Bhunt :)
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