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Celebration BossHen created by BossHen on 05/23/2016

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about this album:
Last weekend was the big 50 and I have many things in my life to celebrate: family, health, friends and music. I cannot share cake (or a beer!) with the great musicians on Wikiloops who gave me the chance to join their mixes (also just crossed 50). But I would like to share a collection of tracks I just enjoyed playing on in the last months. Thanks to all the great Wikiloopers who allow me to enjoy the musical side of my life. No apologies as the mixes are a little eclectic starting with some funk / RnB, Balfo blues and then more rock like tracks, but that reflects what the loops are all about for me. Trying out different things and seeing where they go. Cheers! Prost! Salut! Sante!

Bass at its best.


Review by Balfo on 08/29/2016

For every song he has the matching groove. Thank you Boss, for letting me be a part of this nice album!

cool album


Review by AKchen on 05/24/2016

can hear amazing tracks here, entertaining and cool !! thank you smile.gif

Congradulations on every level.


Review by Wade on 05/23/2016

An honor and pleasure to be on one of your track. Fine collection that's expanded my hearing pleasure and given me another download. There's so much we can miss here on the loops...not enough hours in the day. Great being given the focus. Very happy 50th...yea, celebrate!

cogratulations :)


Review by frenzie on 05/23/2016

I am honored to be on this celebration album! Happy 50 smile.gif
Cool album boss! smile.gif
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