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Universal language

Universal language
about this album:
The language of music connects. A small selection of wonderful encounters with inspiring musicians. Many thanks to all and many thanks to WIKILOOPS

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Review by axenvocs on 04/11/2018

great showcase of wonderful talent

This is unbelievably good


Review by wjl on 04/10/2018

Peter got my thumbs up yesterday already, one day after his release of this wonderful album. But this is still growing on me, the more I hear it the more I love it. I was fascinated by his NAF and EWI instruments right from the beginning, and included him on an own album already, and if you allow it, Peter will simply kidnap you and lead you through times and places like no other. Not only recommended, but a must hear album IMHO. Thanks Peter for sharing it with us!

Pewi's "Universal Language" connects!


Review by gwailoah on 04/09/2018

One rarely thinks that a flute has any place except with Irish music or an orchestra. Peter takes this opinion and kicks it where it belongs - right out of the park. Whilst true that the flute does shine most brightly on the Irish style jams here (especially with Fanne on Winter in Flanders Field - magnificent jam!) Peter holds his own with the smash and thunder of Godzilla and the spankfunk of Shake It Up. His musicality is beyond question and his choices never fail to raise the tracks and render them more impactful across a range of levels. Perfect musical seasonings. This versatility and absence of fear in Peter taking on jams that many might say a flute has no place is the real power of this collection. And it also refelcts the beauty of the wikiloops site - in the real world such eclectic cherry picking of music styles when the mood and inspiration strike would be frowned on. Kind of like - "hey, man, it don't fit our grammy categories". "Universal Language" gives the lie to such categorisation and reaffirms what we all know - music connects in ways language can never dream of. Great job Peter and thanks for adding our Good Life to the album!

Universal language


Review by StJray on 04/08/2018

Hard to choose better title to represent this wonderful musical mix of which I am happy and honored to be part of it ... Thank you Pewi for sharing your talent, Ray

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About this album:
The language of music connects. A small selection of wonderful encounters with inspiring musicians. Many thanks to all and many thanks to WIKILOOPS
Pewi created by Pewi on 04/08/2018

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