Bier ist Alle!

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Bier ist Alle!adu created by adu on 10/09/2016

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about this album:
Thanks go out to all musicians they have played here. Thanks guys !

Wonderful Talent


Review by Bothen on 11/12/2016

You have an amazing musical talent Adu. Thanks for having me on here, it is an honor.

friends and beer


Review by ivax on 10/11/2016

Great Album Adu,
Thanks for let me enter in the Club of the beer,je,je,je!!!



Review by axenvocs on 10/15/2016

Makes me very proud to be included in your fantastic album

Wunderbares, ehrliches Rock-Album ;o)


Review by Uloisius on 10/13/2016

Die bitterste aller Wahrheiten ist: Das Bier ist alle ... da muss ich wohl gleich noch einmal schnell rüber zur Tanke ;o)
Aber zuerst höre ich mir adu`s Album zu Ende an ;o)

How to solve a -404 error "beer not found"- ?


Review by Funkystan on 10/13/2016

Hi Adu,

Great album my friend!
I'm glad to be part of the band!
I'll bring some beer to the next rehearsal ^^
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