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kimbo's wikifest wishlist 2016kimbo created by kimbo on 05/25/2016

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about this album:
this is simply to allow easy access for other potential players at wikifest this year to a list of tunes i have collaborated on an would like to do live at wikifest this year.

great idea


Review by earlsteven on 06/21/2016

fabulos idea, i am learning, great songs,...something to do...


Review by frenzie on 05/25/2016

Nice list Kimbo! thanx for being included smile.gif

Liking this list, Kimbo!


Review by mpointon on 05/25/2016

Top idea to run a playlist for the Steinfeld event! Great to be included on it too! I'll get the learning hat on. smile.gif

Always happy to be included on an album!


Review by Girard on 05/25/2016

Thanks Kimbo, it's always nice to be included in albums!

cool list !


Review by Tofzegrit on 05/25/2016

smile.gif smile.gif

dieser plattenspielersound, i love thts beginning!


Review by earlsteven on 07/08/2016

are you all in mode? only 11 thumps! how many peoole want to come on there? THIS CAN BE A HOLLYDAY! yOU CAN BE A PART OF HISTORY! DO YOU WANT TO ? take an other view! and make lyriks in worldspiriz! geezncheerz!CU

Cool selection...


Review by GlezBass on 11/10/2016

...and thanks for include my little bass jams. Good selection kimbo
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