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Dark Shade of Night

Dark Shade of Night
About this album:
A collection of dark metal sketches and improvisations from the wikivaults of Midoru. Featuring works and performances by TekMetalRulz, Shumdrummer, Weazle, UWE GIESA, Cody Tripp, *Tofzegrit, Roux, and Akethesnaker. Cover art photography and design by Midoru. All rights reserved. Copyright 2016. -- *Special thanks to Tofzegrit for his brilliant guitar work on the title track, A Dark Shade of Night. ミドルMidoru created by Midoru on 05/31/2016

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Involved artists:
TekMetalRulz Midoru shumdrummer akethesnaker Roux MajorTom_III Tofzegrit Weazle anoon

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Review by bluesdog on 12/25/2017

Awesome. I do not usually listen to, or like, metal but this album pushes the envelope, exploring the realm between music and sound , fearsome sometimes, but always interesting. Great work, Midoru, and all the other contributing musicians.

phantastic album


Review by will_C on 06/12/2016

phantastic album with just one slight disadvantage:
It is very short.
But as it is not boring, to hear it repeatedly, this does not really matter.



Review by earlsteven on 06/09/2016

can not stop hearing,wonderful musicos, especely titlesong!
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