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Cody Tripp & The Master Musicians pt 2

Cody Tripp & The Master Musicians pt 2
About this album:
Some of the best musicians on Wikiloops collaborating with Cody Tripp. PART 2MajorTom_III created by MajorTom_III on 08/09/2016

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MajorTom_III FrankieJ Alby CKArmstrong KellsBells Wade RobM Tofzegrit Dafunkydrummer Stef ivax GlezBass Fishinmissio BusyD dimeomax kimbo akethesnaker


Review by Wade on 08/09/2016

Love hearing once again the diversity of your offerings and how well others have responded to these challenges. Such an honor to be included in this with so many of my favorite players. Thanks Cody. Only correction would be the title of the album...should be Cody THE MASTER MUSICIAN.

Master of inspiration


Review by Stef on 11/14/2016

Be here among these great tracks is a source of pride for me and at the same time of great respect for the musician who is absolute reference point of Wikiloops.

Really a pleasure


Review by GlezBass on 11/14/2016

Really a pleasure play with a great musician, creative and select. And of course a real pleasure to include me in your list of good jams. Thanks Tom

it's feels a live


Review by Hesgone119 on 11/08/2016

a fine peace of music with a lot of sadness.



Review by kimbo on 09/07/2016

this was always going to be a stonkingly good album.. with cody driving the tracks
i don't get included in many albums, but to be included on this is an honour.
keep it up cody!

The Master Cody


Review by ivax on 08/10/2016

Thanks Cody for your great work, it is an honor for my work with you, you are the Master

Pleasurable Listen


Review by FrankieJ on 08/09/2016

Such an enjoyable album.
I am honoured to be a part of your works Cody.

What an Honour


Review by RobM on 08/09/2016

Incredible collection of musicians and what an honour to be among them. Great album Cody :)
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