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The magical melodies of Gerhard & Wade

The magical melodies of Gerhard & Wade
About this album:
Seven pieces from the early Wikiloops years played by Gerhard and Wade. I'm a big fan of the music of the two, they invite you to relax and dream, just take a break from everyday life. This playlist has been in my account for some time and today I decided to make an album out of it ... I hope you enjoy it and serve to bring the magical music of the two to you all ... I wish you much fun and a lot of relaxation while listening ... ;o)Uloisius created by Uloisius on 12/06/2018

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Gerhard Wade

An unexpected honor!


Review by Wade on 12/06/2018

These are indeed from the very early days. All are unrehearsed jams, so a little "rough". Gerhard's unusual creativity shines through in setting up these little gems. All thanks to Uloisius' generous spirit in collecting and sharing these.

Blown Away


Review by Gerhard on 12/12/2018

Thx so much for the appreciation. Much appreciated.
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