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About this album:
Big thanks to all these musicians and singer without whom I am not a lot...
Wikillops is a ground of sharing and creativity !
Thank you again to all, and " long life Wikillops "
:)titi created by titi on 06/29/2016

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Listened: 1377 times

Involved artists:
OliVBee moonchild titi jomortimer frenzie Rickplayer MajorTom_III Tintin Balfo fanne jjdf Pewi Guadaña Ronflox

so nice music selection you put together...


Review by jjdf on 07/04/2016

Thi, always ready for creativity without limits Mr. Harmonica, it's amazing the way you listen to a music for the very first time and you next minute make an fantastic addition to it... I'm honored to be here...


Review by Guadaña on 07/01/2016

Great blues album buddy!!

fine collection of bluesy talent !


Review by OliVBee on 06/29/2016

thank you for sharing your musicality ! always a treat to listen to you ;)
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