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Space Curlwill_C created by will_C on 09/10/2016

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MalCo @FreshFunk Jaymny will_C rtkradle Babbazitt PetriHaapa Zamzam Baer Dick Mishteria josepssv ericblom AKchen abuitremorem miguel1974 Basster Pewi martijn MeiSon
about this album:
This is a collection of some, at least in my ears, great sounding tracks in which I had the honour and the pleasure to play along. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- A big hug to everyone involved! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Special thanks to all participients of "josepssv waterval" (track 2 #64565 "waterdancefall", track 5 #62385 "dropping down", track 14 #63081 "Waterval Meditation") ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Special thanks to all participients of "AKchens waterval project II" (track 1 #66250 "Laute der toten Dinge"), track 8 "Zarax Boots and White Paws Unlimited") --------------------------------------------------------------------------- And, last not least, special thanks to all participients of "ericbloms waterval III" (track 4 #72512 "red carpet walk")

Far Out!


Review by MalCo on 09/11/2016

Hard to categorize...easy to listen too...the dreamy oddness is compelling...and I have to say, I feel slightly overwhelmed but honoured to be a part of this creation...thank you Will.

Great compilation


Review by abuitremorem on 09/10/2016

Great compilation shows an exciting side of wikiloops. Thanks Willy



Review by AKchen on 09/10/2016

danke für diese Sammlung smile.gif .... es fügen sich spherische Songs zu einem stimmigen Bild, sehr passend gewählt .. mein MP3 Player freut sich schon, ganz tolle adds von dir smile.gif und es ist mir eine Ehre, dabei sein zu dürfen

Super album.


Review by ericblom on 09/10/2016

This album is a musical masterpieces. Will_C is a gifted instrumentalist
Thanks for being part of it

Cosmic wanderings


Review by Babbazitt on 09/13/2016

It is an honour to have played a small part on some of the songs on this Album!! Will_C is very talented.

Alle mal herhören ;o)


Review by Uloisius on 09/25/2016

Ganz schön abgefahren mein Lieber ;o)
Hocke hier am Sonntag Abend (nicht mehr ganz nüchtern) und höre mir deine Scheibe an … kommt sehr, sehr gut ;o)
Außergewöhnliche, sehr gute Musik wie man sie nicht jeden Tag zu hören bekommt ;o)

Thank you for this compilation


Review by josepssv on 09/14/2016

I'm with that background music suggesting and out of styles.
I like very much!
Thank you Will!
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