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About this album:
They say that sequels were never good ... but here I make my second selection of tracks with flamenco rhythms uploaded by me and shared by wikiloops friends for your enjoyment if you like these Latin rhythms with a little touch of pop fusion and jazzy moodGlezBass created by GlezBass on 11/02/2016

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Involved artists:
irlenn frankiejazz GlezBass Dafunkydrummer Alby Marceys Lenny Cowler kennyadry RobM tyros4 Tofzegrit aleonz Uloisius Jazzy Wade

Living the Latin Dream


Review by Wade on 11/03/2016

What a great collection of Latin influenced music. Certainly a treat to have been included. All who are in this are privileged to have been influenced by your fine playing.

Mi Mentor


Review by Tofzegrit on 01/18/2017

I've learned so much with Glez. So glad having been trapped in this style of music and thank you for the fun

High standard latin


Review by frenzie on 01/17/2017

My knowledge of latin muisc is zero but I do recognize the craftsmanship on this album, well done by all! And glezzbass is a first class bassplayer who is at home in various genres, great work glez! :)
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