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Filling up on the Blues

Filling up on the Blues
About this album:
My second Blues album. Thanks to all the Musicians for posting such a wide variety of Blues tracks. It is a joy to be able to be a part of them.Bothen created by Bothen on 11/26/2016

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Involved artists:
Balfo titi petebass Bothen tomasgab RobH Ôlive slin jmrukkers WanHu Leftdaloops1019 glennp Rickplayer kapone120 OliVBee Shi frenzie Stef docnat TX.Rattler Ernie440 jimkarol Blues Buddies Paseaf kmoon235 AKchen

Darn good collection played not half bad!


Review by Leftdaloops1019 on 11/27/2016

From one Texas boy to another the subject title of the review is almost as good as it gets! Ron and I went to the same Middle school and the same high school and didn't know each other. We did have over 800 people in our gradating class. So we meet here where each of us are playing with Germans, French, Brits and so on. Well some how (well it wasn't some how, it was by me squeezing him for info about himself that we find out that we were "so close, yet so far away" Anyway who cares!!!! It's a small world! ENJOY YOURSELF A HEAP OF BLUES NOW, Heah!!!!!!!11

Enjoy the Blues


Review by Stef on 01/31/2017

Great blues tracks, great bluesmen, great feeling.....great drumming! Thank you Ron!p

Cool Blues


Review by petebass on 01/31/2017

ts always a pleasure to play the blues with my buddy Ron,and it's a thrill to be included on this fine collection.

Cool Album Ron


Review by kmoon235 on 11/29/2016

I appreciate being on this with such a talented group of folks. Glad I could make a small contribution to this terrific sounding album. Gonna play it in my truck as I tool around town. Thanks. Keith



Review by slin on 11/28/2016

thanks for let me be with you and all the other on this album Bothen,is that Gemmy in the cover?hahah...
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