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  1. July 28 2017
    Folk jam feat. remix by ARNOSOLO on Vocals & Vocals Track # 112322
    You miss me Amy / 3 voices


I started playing guitar at the age of 16.
For almost 15 years, I played a lot. Several groups at that time, in various styles (pop, rock, heavy metal). Creations and covers.

Then nothing more until December 2016.

Has now 40 years and soon for the first time dad, I have again the inspiration and the desire to play, to compose especially.
I have just equipped myself with a Steinberg UR22mk2 sound card and monitor speakers, as well as a midi keyboard Roland A 800 Pro. I discover the Abletone 9 software that I prefer to Cubase.

I like almost every style of music and am more and more sensitive to classical music. I love the cello!

What I know is that only music knows how to make me cry, I do not know why, nor when, but I have a lot of emotion with music.

I play on different guitars :
Gibson SG 73'
Fender Telecaster
Samickwith Di Marzio double mic and Seymour dunkan double mic (Metal play !!)
Yamaha APX500 (electro acoustic)
Yamaha FG 41112 (acoustic 12 strings)
Esteve (electro classical spanish guitar)
Furch G41 CM (acoutic guitar) + Mic Fishman Matrix Infinity
A old bass Maya (Fender style !)

Amp, Rec & FX :
Amp Hughes & Kettner Attax 100 (The blue one from 90'Wink
Yamaha FX550 guitar effect processor (since 92' !!)
a Big Muff disto
Cry Baby Whawha
Whammy 2
Studio Projects B1 Mic

Midi :
Roland A 800 Pro
Boss DR Rythm DR660 (old but pretty cool !!)

Sofware :
Abletone Live 9


Guitare (since 24 years)
Keys and bass for fun !
I try to play with a Saz (Turkish instrument)


January 29 1977

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