1. April 18 2020
    Rock jam feat. remix by Adams on Bass Track # 187732
    it still hurts but im gonna make it
    by redrum1968 & Adams
  2. April 17 2020
    Funk jam feat. remix by Adams on Bass Track # 187652
    Still got the Pinks feat. Adams
  3. April 17 2020
    Funk jam feat. remix by Adams on Bass Track # 187633
    Upbeat Funkline
    by Punisheroc & Adams


I am a bass player from switzerland! lets jam alright.


Bass, 15yrs

recording devices

I'm using an AXE I/O interface, Sennheiser HD 25 Headphones and Audacity to record and mix. Im playing around with Waveform, a free DAW but idk Audacity does the trick for the moment


November 28 1990

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Itocpogo from United States

"Jamming with others is so easy and there is an atmosphere of cooperation and morale support with musicians which is priceless and why I support wiki!"

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